Brief on SUVIDHA’s work in Health & Sanitation

Prior to COVID 19, the organization majorly worked providing general medical care to the rural population through organizing rural health camps and establishing quality sanitation practices in schools through infrastructure development. The spread of the pandemic presented various challenges and organization had to innovate its working model to benefit the community in present times.

Supporting Covid affected and poor families with Dry Ration Kits

The Pandemic hit hard not just on the health of people, but millions of families became devoid of livelihood, the daily wage labourers were hit harder. To provide some relief SUVIDHA has distributed over 10,000 Dry ration kits in various project areas like Uttarakhand, Bihar, Meghalaya, Assam, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh.

General Health Camps

SUVIDHA conducts general health for the rural populations from time to time with the support of our CSR partners as well as government agencies. The health camps benefit not only in the early diagnosis of preventable and curable diseases but also raises awareness in the rural community. To date, SUVIDHA has conducted over 26 Health Camps in various project areas. Along with general camps, SUVIDHA also organizes Animal camps in its project areas.

Online Doctor Consultation

Through Social Media Pages and specific zoom sessions in the current pandemic SUVIDHA facilitated primary online consultancy to over 15,00+ Patients. In our project villages, SUVIDHA's field team mobilizes the community for online zoom consultations and at a designated time a health expert conducts live sessions answering the very questions and doubts of the patients regarding health and wellness.

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