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About Us 

SUVIDHA abbreviated as Society for the Upliftment of Villagers & Development of Himalayan Areas is a non-profit, rural development and voluntary organization founded in the year 2004 which aims at eliminating poverty, unemployment, poor health and illiteracy for 60% of citizens who still live in the backward areas of the nation. With over 12 years of experience in managing government/private sector projects, Suvidha is well equipped with the manpower and expertise to deliver holistic solutions in the field of Agriculture, Rural development, Women Empowerment, Education and Health.

Suivdhas’ pioneering research on the hazards of chemical farming, the costs of industrial agriculture and the risks of genetic engineering have led to a paradigm shift. This research has proved that contrary to the dominant assumptions, ecological agriculture is highly productive and is the only lasting solution to hunger and poverty. Since last 13 years, SUVIDHA is engaged in the promoting of organic and sustainable agriculture in India especially in the states like Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Odisha, Andaman & Nicobar, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. SUVIDHA has facilitated establishment of nearly 256 producer groups and contract production projects in some of the above mentioned states. read more

With continued emphasis on “Pro Poor- Pro Environment” initiatives, which encompass women empowerment, promotion of livelihoods as well as systematic fight against Climate Change, SUVIDHA initiated ‘Project Prayaas’ (An initiative to counter Climate Change) registered under “Gold Standard Foundation- Switzerland” 'Project Prayas' which is the first project of its kind in Northern India to counter Climate Change, aims to cut carbon emissions in Nainital District of Uttarakhand by working on carbon retention and judicial use of natural resources. Under the project, SUVIDHA has till date commissioned more than 1974 Bio-Gas units at the households of marginal farmers, who were using wood as source of energy. read less


Striving to be the global leader for sustainable management of natural resources.


To support the livelihood and well being of farmers and rural community through natural sustainable organic agriculture and allied practices that serve, honor and protect Mother Nature.


• To mobilize, formation and strengthening of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) i.e. SHG, OFG, FIG, FC, JLG etc. For better planning, implementation and maintenance of integrated rural development activities.
• To enhance information, knowledge base, capacity and skill of the people for self employment and income generation opportunities. read more

• To develop and promote models on functional elementary education.
• To promote “Health and Nutrition for All” by focusing easily accessible and affordable health care system and knowledge base.
• To provide safe drinking water to the community.
• To help for providing hygiene and sanitation facilities to the community.
• Environment protection and conservation
• To protect, conserve and restore natural environment and bio-diversity.
• To promote people centered and controlled natural resource management.
• To develop and promote community based sustainable, organic and diversified agriculture system.
• To promote self employment and income generation activities through capacity and skill development training's and value addition.
• Training and capacity building of development functionaries. read less

President’s Message

All these years of Suvidha’s constant hard work in carrying out its social and community based development projects in different parts of nation has made us what we are today. The experience from the field, working with different communities has been enriching our knowledge and harnessing out skills. Slowly and gradually we are becoming more efficient with every passing day. Our work is getting recognized in all spheres by Govt. and our donors. I am proud to announce that we have been awarded as “Number One Service Provider” by the Dept. of Horticulture, Odisha and our hardship has been also accolade with Excellency Award National Social Activity in Delhi. I would like to thank Govt. of India, our donors for giving us the opportunities to bring about the change we believe in and my team of highly qualified and committed patrons who work day and night to bring glory to the organization. Deepak Pandey President, Suvidha



SUVIDHA has performed an active engagement with rural communities and worked on the grassroots level to promote sustainable organic agriculture and conservation of natural environment in several states. Their efforts are tremendous in promoting sustainable livelihoods and transforming lives of the pro-poor community and marginalized communities living in India. I express my sincere thanks to the dedicated team of SUVIDHA and their contributions in bringing out such initiatives.

Santosh K Samal

Former Executive Diector, Dalit Foundation, Delhi Programme Head, Madhyanchal Forum, Delhi


Now i can pack tiffins for my children and I can cook in a smoke less kitchen giving much rest to my fatigue.

Digari Devi



Whenever there used to be any function in the village, I never use to get time to attend them. I never use to have time for my own. I love dancing and singing but hardly gets time to attend such functions. The day my biogas started working, I have not missed a single function in my community.

Maya Devi



It won’t take much time as now I have Biogas and I can make tea in just 5 minutes without any smoke. I got time to make pickle for my family just because now I have some time to do what I feel good about.

Kamla Devi



Earlier i didn’t allowed my children to cook on coal fire because of High Risk but now i am fearless with Bio-Gas use and my children can cook food in my absence.

Seema Devi



My mother in law lost her one eye sight due to heavy smoke intake during her cooking time and i was suffering too. That makes me more anger and frustrated in everyday life as we were not fortunate enough to have such technologies as biogas. Now with less angry and calm mind i can finish my work and spend time with my family

Saraswati Devi


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