Interventions under Natural Resource Management Program

Ponds Rejuvenation

Need based works on ponds rejuvenation which include distillation, installing filtration chambers, beautification etc.


Protect ecology, natural reservoir of water & help communities to protect themselves for water logging issues as well as source of irrigation and drinking water for wild animals.

Afforestation - Plantation

Community Mobilization, Pit digging & Soil, preparation and Plantation


Helps to reduce the increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and to improve biodiversity, Improve climate mitigation, Alternative source of income, Forest Rebuilding, Creating New Forests, improved flood control.

Wells & Springs Restoration

Restoration work of exisiting water bodies like well and Spring Sanctury Restoration


Increased groundwater recharge, enhance biodiversity, collective happiness, improve community's water management

Water Resource Management

Construction of check dams and stops dams with primary objective of ground water rechards and irrigation


Improvement in the livelihoods of the villagers through supplementary irrigation facility provides a range of ecological, environmental and recreational benefits such as soil erosion control, soil moisture retention, flood control, and improved faunal/floral and aquatic diversity.

Irrigation Potential created for 2750 ha of rain fed Land

SUVIDHA has adopted an approach of devising area-based water resource management initiatives through participatory planning.The approach focuses on integrated planning and implementation of diverse interventions including soil and water conservation by the local community to address development issues at village level and to ensure efficient and optimum utilization of natural resources

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