Climate Change

Climate change is not limited for study to scientist and researchers alone.  Today even the common man wants to be extremely aware of the climate change effects and contribute the best way he can to save himself and the earth at large

On an international scale, the US, China, India and other countries ratified the Paris climate agreement, which gives us a reasonable chance at avoiding the worst effects of climate change. In the lead up to that ratification, the US took major actions domestically to reduce its own emissions through steps like the Clean Power Plan

SUVIDHA along with Fair Climate Network with INDIGO’s Passenger Contribution towards clean climate have undergone Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) for 6,000 Biogas plants for three years i.e. from 2016 to 2019. SUVIDHA is implementing this project in Corbett Landscape, Uttarakhand. The program activities are being implemented in 88 villages of Haldwani, Kotabagh and Ramnagar blocks of Nainital District.

These activities comprise Construction of Biogas, awareness regarding Carbon emission reduction, formation of Biogas Consumer Groups. Till the date a total of 1511 plants have been constructed and out of that 1496 units are in use.